“When you see your overhead expanding and your margins decline… it is time to take action!”

Michel Vastenhout - CEO Z-CARD®


Business transformation resulted in a 20% increase in revenue without the need for extra FTE’s!

Over 3 billion Z-CARDs have been produced worldwide. The demand for the simple, yet innovative and unique printing product exploded exponentially and created stellar growth. The downside of this success is always the risk of being forced into a long-term pursuit to catch up. Keeping up with demands can become a struggle. A business transformation project was due.

Michel, CEO at Z-CARD®, was fortunate to react on time: “When companies grow fast, they sometimes grow too fast … they need to keep the momentum going and are forced into a daily rhythm where there’s no time to structure that growth into a long-term solution”.

Strategic consulting

“When we arrived at Z-CARD® the outlines of a change plan were already made. This helped us considerably identifying the key elements for improvement,” explains Erik Dierinck, enterprising partner at Scalefactory.

Understanding how your business works in detail is fundamental to our approach. It’s easy to come into a boardroom and tell a great story of a successful transformation project. It’s much more difficult to pinpoint the operational visible and invisible elements that make up a process and spot possible improvements that add value to products and solutions.”

The outlines that were already created by Z-CARD® turned out to be the perfect start to translate their vision. These were used to start the next phase of the project, where ideas are turned into reality and where the numbers are all the proof you need.

Project scope

  • Improve and automate processes where possible to reduce the time spent from lead to sales
  • Improve the gap between departments to reduce time spent looking for information
  • Provide management with automated follow-up dashboards


    Design, build & validate

    From incoming lead, to shipping the printed product, Z-CARD® operated with processes that ran independently from each other. Optimising these would mean significant gains.

    Because working this way has two important implications, you give up on transparency which means you lose necessary information along the way. In turn, your customer service becomes less flexible and loses time fetching that information.

    We used the existing processes of Z-CARD® to create a value stream map. This gave a clear picture of how Z-CARD® works and made it easy to spot for possible improvements. Key takeaway was that they were basically running an e-commerce business model without the automation and quick feedback loops to run it smoothly. Information flows were connected and automated, management got dashboards that provide quick and useful insights”.


    • 20% increase in revenue without the need for extra FTE’s
    • 40% reduction of time from lead to sales
    • 3 months project turnaround


    During the project Scalefactory made sure that Z-CARD® got the necessary knowledge to support and further shape the platform. Scalefactory remains the long term technical and strategic partner.

    “We don’t believe in a vendor lock. When your customer has all the information and can handle a large part of the maintenance himself, response time is shorter and success will come more quickly.”

    Which Salesforce Cloud tools were used at Z-CARD?

    Sales Cloud

    Salesforce Pardot

    Salesforce Inbox

    “We needed a Salesforce partner that was committed for the right reasons, that became involved into translating our future business not only short term, but for the long haul. Scalefactory’s approach was spot on. They don’t sugarcoat problems, focus on solutions and follow up with actions and results.”

    As your enterprising partner, we are committed to make your Salesforce project a success.
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