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SAAS for all and each of us
IT to business relationships have been changed by SAAS. SAAS allows you to easily deploy, monitor, and bill Business Solutions tailored made to each of your business unit, with no operational risk. SAAS will reduce your CAPEX requirements and project risks, along with your OPEX and operations risk.

Powerful business process automation solutions that once were dedicated to large accounts, are now accessible to all. They can be combined with a thorough business applications ecosystem covering most of business paradigms.

Social Hubs : Customer hubs. Leverage the social enterprise.
The social hub has triggered a major change in the customer relationship. Former world customer relationships were one-to-one relationships in between a salesman and a decision maker, a partner manager and a partner, .. These one-to-one relationships were structured around transaction exchanges such as phone calls, emails, and meetings. These requirements were addressed by standalone, heavy deployment and operations CRM systems that could hardly stand agile changes.

The socials hubs  have changes our work habits : We are in a world of many-to-many unstructured interactions that are driven by short messages and pieces of information visible to all. We share everything real time; it is a new type of communication. We have gained in efficacy but risk is high as information is no longer transnational nor controlled.

Your clients chat on your products; your clients share their requirements and customer experience; your leads search for information in the social web. They are building the social enterprise without you.

Building your customer communities
You need to host and structure these conversations in your CRM as they can drive up your bottom line.
You need to engage in these real-time, multi-channel conversations with your customers:

  • You will build up customer intimacy and know them better
  • Your customers will feel your day-to-day commitment to satisfying them throughout all media
  • Your customers will help you design product improvements and will feel engaged
  • Your prospects will seamlessly come to your products
  • You will control and drive-up your e-reputation

You need to build upon these conversations in order to better engage with your prospects and customers, increase their loyalty, and increase sales.

You need to thrive Social marketing, Social commerce, and Social  service

Migrate your own business logic

The platform will enable the easy migration of your business applications to the cloud.
You will thus integrate your business logic within turnkey reporting, security/hierarchy management, workflows, forecasting, and social engines.

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