Leverage agility and get the most out of it
You have decided on building your customer hub on the platform.

A implementation should trigger the delivery of a agile solution tailored to each of you business unit; this solution should easily evolve over time in order to stick to your requirements and react under short notice to market evolution.

This cloud based solution should prevent all operational risk, ease your IT operation, and easily enable internal bill backs. Hardly any CAPEX, optimised OPEX.

You should leverage your solution in order to connect everything; you will drive customer communities via social engines in order to build up customer intimacy and loyalty. You will extend your customer hub to your own custom business logic by migrating your business applications onto the platform leveraging full scale reporting, forecasting, security, and social features.

This is a thorough new way of building business driven IT solutions that evolves with the business; a solution that is agile and encompass the essence of all of your transaction and social customer interactions (marketing, sales, and service).

New solutions requiring new project services
Delivering via standard formal heavyweight project management methodologies will prevent you from levering the agility of such solutions. Your business sponsors need to interact with the project team as they discover the power of customer transaction and social engines in order to get the most out of it. You may be shooting for moving target as you discover what the ecosystem can bring to your business.

A agile methodology is key. This methodology needs to be driven by a efficient senior level onsite consulting team that can interact with all levels of your hierarchy.  This team will keep the solution agility alive and the project on track; you will thus get the most out of your implementation.

You can then leverage the cloud and have the production team based offsite in order to optimize the cost with no quality compromise.

Hybrid project team : Our business proposal
We are a boutique consulting house; our project teams combines onsite ex-C level executive consultants with top level offsite delivery teams leveraging the cloud.

Our mission is to deliver top level quality projects within a tight budget while keeping agility alive and make sure you and your customer get the most out of it.

Onsite ex-C level executive consultants in order to interact with all level of your hierarchy, and act as a commando team with no over-head in order to keep agility alive. Offsite top level integration teams in order to leverage the cloud in order to optimize project cost.

Let’s partner in building your agile customer hub in order to better know and serve your customers.

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