Scalefactory provides you with all the tools and knowledge you need to make the project a success


Support: keeping your business on track

It’s easy to lose sight of initial goals or KPIs. Having a partner by your side that supports you in a realistic and practical way keeps your eye on the prize, instead of just using theory.
Our approach?
Provide you with all knowledge and tools to make your project a success.

Support and administration

Issues can surface on a daily basis. As a business, you need to focus on delivering excellent results. You don’t want to be restricted by the lack of supportive tasks or administration.

Scalefactory can support you by:

  •  Documented approach in every step of the process
  •  Providing a user help desk for ad hoc questions
  • Updating your stakeholders during weekly or monthly meetings

Application maintenance

Your business develops, technology evolves, customer desires can change, successes
reached can mean new goals are drafted. Your changed processes need to follow.

Our maintenance services include:

  •  Urgent requests which require immediate attention
  •  Minor business changes which require Salesforce expertise
  •  General request for information


Every change management project comes with the handover of a lot of information and knowledge. Proper training and repetition means that everyone is pointed in the right direction.

Our experts can provide:

  •  Custom written training material
  •  On site training on all levels
  •  Train the trainer

Scalefactory can adapt to any level of support, from employee- to C-level.
Our pragmatic and realistic approach focuses on pragmatic and transparant communication.
In need for support?