Strategic Consulting

How Scalefactory improves business processes and increases your volume of leads

Scalefactory strategic consulting

Strategic consulting: committed to your business

Identifying new sales opportunities, improving processes or applying new technology can be a daunting task. Our Scalefactory consultants actively learn how your business work and who your customers are. Combined with their extensive, technical know-how, every Scalefactory expert brings a boatload of management- and technical expertise to your conference table.
Our main goal?
Improve your P&L by improving business processes and your customer knowledge.


A no-nonsense, pragmatic analysis of processes to identify structural improvements, insuring sustainability and scalability. All while focused on structural growth, quick results and long term solutions.

Our multi-competent Scalefactory consultants will focus on:

  •  Long term structural growth of your business, while concentrating on delivering fast results
  •  Reducing the lead time to bring your product or service to your customer
  •  Any scalable measure that can be taken to have a positive impact on your P&L


By identifying short- and long-term customer oriented opportunities, combined with
cutting edge technology and our proven experience, we can draft a hands-on actionable strategy for your business.

How we help your business
to improve:

  •  Transform opportunities into a clear strategic roadmap
  •  Define measurable goals with a clear ROI
  •  Set priorities, change management objectives and explicit success factors

Strategy roadmap

A strategic roadmap will give you clear actionables for the entire organisation where you can monitor improvement on a daily basis. It will keep you on track and provide a follow-up tool for every stakeholder involved in the process.

Our main goal is to:

  •  Identify roles, risks and resources
  •  Build a fully custom project plan with a clear business case and risk mitigation
  •  Focus on an efficient communication plan to maximise adoption by all colleagues

Improve productivity and increase your volume of leads. Decrease your lead time or resources spent to ship to market.
As your enterprising partner, we are committed to make your Salesforce project a success.
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