The first optichannel meeting platform for engaging customer conversations.

Skedify partner ScalefactoryFor medium-sized and large enterprises in Banking & Insurance, HR & Recruitment and High-Involvement Retail that don’t sell their products or services online, but instead guide their customers with expert advice at critical moments in their customer journey.

Up to 90% of customers in these industries start their buying journey online. Skedify helps organizations in making their advisors accessible, available and relevant by offering a frictionless scheduling & video experience to their customers and in doing so, we make these conversations happen.


It’s not enough to be in all places at all times—you must be in the right channel at the right time in the customer journey.

  • Branch: Meet customers in the showroom or in the office
  • On Location: Meet customers where they are, whether that’s at their home or on a project location
  • Video: Digital sales room built on top of Pexip Infinity


Skedify is the optichannel meeting platform that maps, and brings structure to, all commercial scheduling & meeting complexity in the network.

At the same time, we offer real-time insights into all commercial scheduling & meeting related activities, agent performance and availability capacity for your customer’s omnichannel customer-facing agent network.

Skedify is used by:
  • Customers: The Skedify plugin can be embedded into every customer touchpoint such as websites, portals, mobile apps, …
  • Partners: Lead generation partners can directly book appointments with a company’s advisors through the Partner Booking Application (PBA)
  • Staff: internal employees can book appointments directly from the CRM

This allows commercial advisors to focus on true value adding activities: the actual sales and consultancy conversations.

Structuring the commercial complexity and workflows of commercial networks and making client-facing advisors available results in at least 4 key benefits for organisations using Skedify:

  • More Qualified leads from the same Marketing & Sales efforts: a guaranteed increase of Digital-2-Human channel conversion. Skedify customers report double-to-triple digits (30%+) and a frictionless conversion experience for all inbound and outbound digital customer journeys.
  • Increased efficiency by sales automation: increased productivity by up to 17% per agent. Create an automated, error-free scheduling process within their agent network, aiding the goal of professional excellence, freeing up time that can be used on value adding activities.
  • Better Customer Experience & Higher Closing ratio: a customer-centric and professional Customer Experience, significantly driving your closing ratio and a higher chance for renewal and/or referral.
  • Insights into all high-touch commercial (scheduling & meeting related) interactions: real-time insights into all commercial (scheduling & meeting related) activities, agent performance, network capacity, customer interactions, …