“We organically grew our customer service operation to a level where we strongly needed to reduce the amount of manual handling to maintain and improve our support level towards customers.”

Max De Proft - Internal Sales & Support Manager Septentrio

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Reduced dropped cases rate to 0%

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Septentrio designs, manufactures and sells highly accurate GPS/GNSS receivers, for demanding applications requiring accuracies in the decimeter or centimeter range, even under difficult conditions. With a strong focus on research & development delivering industry leading GPS/GNSS receivers, Septentrio quickly grew to a global high tech player and found the need to improve their customer service to match the growing demand.

“We deliver highly accurate GPS receivers that are being used all across the globe, so when there are issues, our customers need to be able to count on a customer service that operates around the clock,” explains Max De Proft, Internal Sales & Support Manager at Septentrio. “But with growing demands and the complexity of running a service desk we felt the need to take a closer look at how we could improve our customer service even more.”

Strategic consulting

Scalefactory started with a full day onsite. Watching how customer service worked and talking to staff members. “Observing a company’s day-to-day processes is more valuable than you would think. There’s often more information to be found when you’re with your nose in the dirt than in any dashboard or report,” says Stijn Wijndaele, enterprising partner at Scalefactory. “Our main goal is to always look out for short- and long-term improvements. More often, companies are aware of the short-term issues, which is why they contact us in the first place. But the long-term gains often come as a surprise.”

“It was an eye-opener to see how open and transparant Scalefactory shared knowledge and ideas that ultimately translated into clear short- and long-term measurable goals.”.

Project scope

  • Improve productivity by reducing the time spent handling customer tickets
  • Automate and integrate all existing platforms to make information available for anyone at anytime
  • Provide real time follow-up dashboards for management and staff
  • Give customers direct access to our know-how and known solutions through a knowledge base portal

Design, build & validate

Running a global customer service adds an extra level of complexity to any organisation. Tickets are more often solved by different agents with different levels of expertise and because you need to be ‘always on’ there is less time for structural improvements. As a high tech company the products or services you offer are continuously evolving. This means information flows in two ways, from customer to company and vice versa. As a result you are prone to lose crucial information along the way helping your customer. So you start using tools to optimise workflows. But when these are not connected and handovers are done manually, all these tools quickly lose their initial advantage.

“At innovative companies like Septentrio, you’ll often see that the knowhow of staff members grows into different types of expertise. A huge advantage, but an extra challenge when trying to resolve tickets quickly because you won’t have all your experts available all the time. Furthermore, when that knowledge remains limited to one person, there’s no way to scale your customer service.”

Observing these problems on-site and understanding their origin meant it was possible to draft a detailed project charter which helps to identify waste and shows you how possible improvements can result in improved KPI’s. For Septentrio this meant that connecting and automating information flows reduced the time spent handling a ticket. There’s pre-filled information, customer history, service desk history… But the long-term gain comes from sharing all knowledge gained by handling these tickets, combining it in a proactive way with all internal information and as such developing your customer service into a multi-competent, self-steering team.

“We proposed to introduce a service desk where all essential information is stored and indexed, for anyone to use. Combined with a different approach to ticket distribution from a push to a pull-system this could be the money saver in the long run.”

We discussed all possible solutions and scenario’s with Septentrio and created a list of standalone improvements. Based on the feedback we received a step-by-step implementation plan was created were we could deliver each standalone solution as quick as possible, and Septentrio could see quick results during our weekly feedback loops.

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  • Reduced dropped cases rate to 0%
  • Reduced agent time spent in case assignment flow by 90%
  • Case turnaround time reduced by 10%



    “Changing process flows is one thing, but changing the way tickets are handled and asking people to spend extra time to build and create a knowledge database is another thing. We provided coaching for management and all project managers to show them the long-term benefits of this process and we’ll obviously keep a close eye on the results.

    The knowledge base of the Septentrio customer service will only grow. This will result in a better customer experience and will allow us to serve more customers while maintaining the quality of our service. While Scalefactory remains the technical partner if further processes need to be enhanced or new tools need to be developed.

    “There’s a lot of ways to solve a problem, so for a project of this size, you undoubtedly encounter some scepticism. But thanks to the openness of Scalefactory and their willingness and ability to communicate clearly across the board, everyone is convinced of the solution and we’re seeing the results on a daily basis.”

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    “Scalefactory surprised us from the get-go. A pro-active and transparant approach not only during their sales pitch but through the course of the project. With valuable insights and great results.”

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