We respect your privacy. All data is handled with absolute care and according to legislation.

Scalefactory details

Scalefactory bvba
Kruisboogstraat 6
9000 Gent
+32 486 77 94 94

Data we (“Scalefactory”) collects

On this website and by personal contact there are various ways to gather data, most commonly:

  • When you use a form on our website
  • When you email us
  • When you contact us in any other way

How we use that personal information

The information you gave us will be used to fulfil every request you’ve asked us by giving us your data. Whether is sending you a newsletter when you subscribed to one, or if it is contacting you when you filled in a contact form.

Furthermore, we might contact you pro-actively in case this is related to

  • A project we are working on together
  • A possible opportunity we want to disclose with you
  • A satisfaction survey or survey related to our products and/or services

Data you shared with us will never be sold/loaned out to other organisations.
No data is stored longer than it needs to be.

Which cookies do we use?

Every website uses cookies to function properly. Cookies are small files that are sent via a web server and stored locally on your hard drive. They enable us to remember your language preferences or prevent you from doing the same action on our website over and over again. All information stored is anonymous. Following cookies are used:

  • Google Analytics – To see how our site performs. All information is anonymous. If you want to prevent this, please visit 
  • Hotjar – To spot imperfections in the design of our website. All information is also anonymous. If you don’t want Hotjar tracking your visits, please use the information mentioned on
  • Facebook – To show relevant ads/information on Facebook.

Your rights

Thanks to the General Data Protection Regulation or ‘GDPR’ you have certain rights about any company or organisation (like Scalefactory) gathering and holding your information.

  • Right to acces – Feel free to contact us at any time to request all information we have about you.
  • Right to modification – Feel free to contact us to modify any wrong information we might have of you.
  • Right to restrict processing – If you want to limit the means how we can contact you.
  • Right to object processing – If you don’t want us to use your information in any way.
  • Right to be forgotten – Basically we delete all information we have about you. Please take caution in using this right as we’ll also delete all information which might be useful in the future.
  • Right to data portability – If you want to receive all data we have about you.

You also have the right to contact us if you have any complaint about our privacy policy – cookie statement. You can also contact the Belgian Privacy Commission via or Drukpersstraat 35, 1000 Brussels.