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Using third party integrations can optimise your current workflow even more

Scalefactory integrations with third party suppliers

Scalefactory's integrations for Salesforce with third party applications

Eliminate wasting time going back and forth connecting data between different applications. Integrating these with Salesforce means your information flow will run more smoothly, freeing up time to spend on sales.
Our approach?
Maximise on the advantage of using third party integrations while maintaining data integrity.

Our integrations for Salesforce expertise

Scalefactory has extensive experience integrating third party applications with Salesforce. Below your can find the most popular ones, but feel free to request one that is not on the list.

Scalefactory integrates SAP with Salesforce

Use SAP to collect, store, manage and interpret data and connect them to create a better overview of all your business processes.

Scalefactory integrates SAP business one with Salesforce

Product Management
Targeted for small businesses, SAP Business One gives you greater control over your business processes.

Scalefactory integrates Oracle with Salesforce

Cloud Management
Oracle Cloud infrastructure supports traditional cloud solutions as well as modern cloud development tools.

Scalefactory integrates exact online with Salesforce

Business Software
Exact software enables you to automate some, or all, financial, business, HR and/or CRM.

Scalefactory integrates Linkedin Sales Navigator with Salesforce

LinkedIn Sales Navigator enables sales teams to use the power of the social platform to build and nurture customer relationships.

Scalefactory integrates odoo with Salesforce

Odoo is an open source customer relationship management tool that connects dozen of applications to help you grow your business.

Scalefactory integrates microsoft dynamics with Salesforce

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 as your customer relationship management tool to connect all data from customers, products, people and operations.

Scalefactory integrates jira with Salesforce

Project Management
Jira is the number one software development tool used by professional, agile teams.

Scalefactory integrates bitbucket with Salesforce

Developer Tools
Bitbucket is a Git solution for professional teams, enabling them to code, manage and collaborate.

Scalefactory integrates companyweb with Salesforce

Data provider
Companyweb is specialised in providing company information in Belgium.

Scalefactory integrates bugzilla with Salesforce

Developer Tools
Bugzilla is server software designed to help you manage your software development.

Scalefactory integrates twilio with Salesforce

Phone & SMS
Twilio is a user friendly tool that enables you to send and receive text messages and/or voice calls.

Scalefactory integrates ingenico with Salesforce

Payment Solutions
Ingenico provides smart, trustworthy and secure payment solutions for both online and offline applications.

Scalefactory integrates officient with Salesforce

Officient is a human resources management tool automating HR-processes to optimise workflows.

Scalefactory integrates mailchimp with Salesforce

Email newsletters
Use Mailchimp to create newsletters, landing pages and forms to boost your marketing activities.

Scalefactory integrates campaign monitor with Salesforce

Email newsletters
With Campaign Monitor you can create, send and follow up your newsletter subscribers.

Scalefactory integrates rydoo with Salesforce

Expense & Travel Management
Rydoo optimises your expenses administration and workload regarding business travel.

Scalefactory integrates your third party app with Salesforce

Scalefactory helps you optimising your business processes with custom made Salesforce integrations. Contact us for more information.

Scalefactory has extensive experience in seamlessly integrating third party plugins with Salesforce. Our approach guarantees proper guidance and full data integrity.
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