Our Vision

Scalefactory uses a lean-and-mean methodology focusing on short-and long-term return on investments

Scalefactory Our Vision

A no-nonsense approach to your Salesforce project

Building or migrating your existing customer hub onto the Salesforce platform requires a thorough project-strategy of its own. Combining your in-house know-how, the power of Salesforce and the expertise of our Scalefactory consultants, we will help you get the most out of your Salesforce project.

The proven ROI of a customer hub

Combining all customer related data from marketing, sales and customer service results in improved customer loyalty and retention KPI’s. At the same time, all that information creates additional opportunities to stay ahead of the game and provide the opportunity to react on short term to changing market evolutions.

Benefit from our successful ‘lean & mean’ approach

Classic project management will result in an overload of information beforehand. Lots of
questions will be asked, at the same time none of the answers can be shown. We believe in an agile methodology, showing the benefits of your project as quickly as possible. Proving to all internal and external stakeholders that an agile, ‘lean & mean’ approach will get things moving faster, with a positive effect on your short term KPI’s.

Our promise to you

  • Help you get the most out of Salesforce
  • Be transparant, agile and resultdriven
  • Interact with all levels of your organisation to get things done
  • Use a proven, flexible method that saves resources
  • Share our Salesforce experience to your benefit
  • Understand and stand by your KPI’s and ROI targets

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