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Scalefactory using Salesforce tools for manufactoring platform solutions

Learn how the revenue of Z-CARD® increased with 20% without the need for extra FTE’s!

Challenges for the 21st century manufacturers

Manufacturers today face the challenge of a growing demand for customisation or personalisation. At the same time competition grows more fiercely, creating a downward pricing pressure.

For the first time, many manufacturers are not leading the way. They need to rethink the way they do business, becoming a market disruptor within their field of expertise. Using digital technology and a new manufacturing platform to regain that competitive edge.

The importance of digital transformation has never been more great.

Why change is needed:

  • Disconnect between departments
  • Manual interventions resulting in loss of efficiency
  • Growing customer demands
  • Lack of customer insights
  • Higher manufacturing costs

Monitoring manufacturing cost

Manufacturing costs are constantly changing depending on the cost of raw materials, investments you make or even larger economic changes.

Salesforce CPQ allows you to create a complex pricing system keeping into account all these variables so you can keep these costs in check.

Complex quoting system

Providing quotes can become a challenge when your sales accounts don’t have all the requirements at hand.

Using Salesforce CPQ we can setup a proper configuration to avoid sending improper, or even wrong quotes to customers.

Low customer experience

Without a 360° view of your customer and the practice of manual processes between departments, you risk losing information resulting in a lesser customer experience.

Salesforce let’s you create a single view of your customer across all departments so you can overdeliver on your customer promise.

Customer retention is low

Poor service is the number one reason why loyal customers will go out and look for another partner.

The Salesforce Service Cloud provides you with all the tools to improve your customer loyalty, retaining loyal customers by providing them with the best service.

Embrace digital transformation and let's improve your manufacturing platform. Creating a 360° view of your customer and maximising revenue across every sales and service interaction.

Discover 24flow, our shopfloor platform built on the low code platform of Salesforce:

Our step by step approach

As your enterprising partner, we are committed to identify new sales opportunities together and improve processes and technology. Looking from every possible angle, analysing the entire value chain, taking into account all stakeholders and even going down to the factory floor to get all the necessary insights we need to draft a strategic roadmap that paves the way to implementing a successful manufacturing platform.

Using our proven methodology we implement any manufacturing Salesforce solution focusing on the most desirable outcome, whether it’s software or hardware, in the cloud or hands-on solutions within your production process. Saving you 30% on your average project cost.

We remain committed to keep your business on track. While it is easy to settle in a comfort zone, as enterprising partners, we keep track of possible improvements, offering support in any possible way.

“We needed a Salesforce partner that was committed for the right reasons, that became involved into translating our future business not only short term, but for the long haul. Scalefactory’s approach was spot on. They don’t sugarcoat problems, focus on solutions and follow up with actions and results.”

Michel Vastenhout – CEO Z-CARD®

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