“Our product isn’t of high-quality by accident but it is the result of over 100 years of experience and innovation, so we felt the need to automate in order to reflect that very same high-quality level in our sales game.”

Stijn Degraer - CEO Libert Paints

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Increased direct sales volume and sales conversion rate by 15%

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Libert Paints, manufacturer of professional paints, uses and develops the best systems to push the limits of quality, producing paints that meet every desired protection and style. With the intention of digitising their sales process so they could gain more insights to better serve their customers, Libert Paints wanted to evaluate how much effort of their salespeople actually resulted in sales. Another objective was to be able to focus more on end customers so they could be less dependent on the current distributors. They needed help identifying leads and categorising them accurately, distinguishing customers from distributors.

Furthermore, just like their high-quality paints, they wanted to offer high-quality customer service and improve their customer and quality complaints processing as well as their case management. In order to meet all these goals, they realised they had to make this digital transformation happen and improve their overall business game.

Strategic consulting

“Before we take action and instigate a business transformation, we observe and analyse. This allows us to gather all the information we need so we can help the organisation improve its performance. We offer our specialised expertise and advise on the top level, at every layer of the company. By doing so, we’re not just helping a business reach their short-term improvements, but we’re looking for long-term goals.”

Libert Paints brought Scalefactory in on the important decisions that are vital to the future and success of the company, so they made sure that every single angle was considered at all times.

Project scope

  • Digitise, automate and integrate all existing sales platforms to make information available to everyone at all times
  • Implement a standardised and automated way of working in order to reduce overall time spent and at the same time increase efficiency and productivity
  • Create a traceable and monitorable sales, service and financial process by using a reliable funnel that monitors every step of the process
  • Improve customer and quality complaints processing

Design, build & validate

After recognising and understanding the problems and challenges Libert Paints was facing, Scalefactory built out a strategy and implemented the right CRM Salesforce structure, improving the flow of the existing business process and helping them both identify and add new leads easily and quickly. More importantly, this improvement made it possible for them to categorise their leads accurately, distinguishing customers from distributors. This was one of the main objectives and a crucial step in this case as focusing on the right leads meant being able to prioritise the opportunities that close deals, nurture leads and prime them to become quality leads. What started with weekly evaluations and valuable feedback, ended up as an incredibly successful result, meeting their number one goal at an early stage.

This exact implementation means a significant improvement in the sales process as information becomes available for the CEO and his entire sales team. Being able to rely on a traceable and monitorable sales and service process, offers a complete view of leads and prospects, which allows them to create and target engaging communications and turn prospects into customers. It improves sales efficiency, boosts sales effectiveness, brings all opportunities to the table, and reduces time to seal the deal.

By digitising and automating, employee productivity increased by 15% as a result of reduction in time spent on process-heavy tasks such as entering data or looking for contact information. It also opens up more time to enhance customer relationships or focus on new leads, optimising the overall customer data and customer marketing plan. Having all that information in one place provides you with a 360-degree view of each customer, which gives the opportunity to offer a higher quality customer service and case management as all sales team members have immediate access to every customer’s complete history, allowing them to quickly deliver personalised messages and solutions, with the right resources.

Libert Paints case


  • Increased direct sales volume and sales conversion rate by 15%
  • Case turnaround time dropped with 10%
  • Improved customer & quality complaints processing and case management
  • Managed to reach desired revenue expectations while facing Covid challenges


When Libert Paints was looking to digitise and get better sales results, Scalefactory made it their personal mission to up their sales game.

“As we brought our knowledge and expertise into this company, we helped Libert Paints grow not only at this very moment, but for the foreseeable future. We believe that it is only by thinking long-term, a business will also be successful in the long run. From start to finish line and beyond, we stay close, keep an eye on the results, and remain only a call or email away.”

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“We provided our expertise and supported the Libert Paints’ team every step of the way, achieving incredible results and extending happiness both in-house and outside."

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