Why is digitisation so important?

  • Improve the efficiency of a business’s process, consistency, and quality.
  • Integrating conventional records into a digitised system removing redundancies and shortening the communications chain.
  • Improve accessibility and facilitate better information exchange for staff and users.
  • Improve response time and customer service anywhere in the world
  • Reduce costs operating costs
  • Ability to take advantage of analytics and real user data.
  • Help with the flexibility of staff and reduced overheads
  • Improvement plan for business continuity and growth

What is the takeaway with digitisation?

  • Try to excel – Don’t approach digitisation half-heartedly embrace it and try to push the limits of your digital environment. Make the improvements that save you time and money.
  • The more links in the chain the more weakness it presents during economic change.
  • Ensure that your digitisation policy benefits staff and customers alike.
  • Consider using for.com
  • Operate the most lean and efficient business you can with your budget.

Software can improve data processes, which might ordinarily have been completed by a member of staff; benefitting your business by freeing up more time and ultimately eliminating the risk of human error.


Lots of technical buzzwords will be used to describe digitalisation in roadmaps and presentations, but in truth, it is quite a simple process, it is about helping businesses to help themselves in a more demanding digital era.

Tell me more about digitisation?

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SalesForce has improved by at least 66% the time to create a Service Report. But it’s not only about time, it also guarantees data integrity and structured information to enable faster assessments on Service Requests. On top of that, it also provides real time statistics per Customer, Product or Type of Request.

Luis Miguel Maldonado
SLA Manager, Newtec Cy