Design, Build & Validate

Scalefactory saves 30% of your project cost maintaining the highest quality standards

Scalefactory Design Build and Validate

Design, build & validate: upgrading your business

With a track record of over 100 Salesforce projects and a vast knowledge of different types of technology, we create custom solutions that fit your business strategy of the future.
Our strong suit?
Using a proven methodology that saves you 30% of your project cost.


Every step in this process should be focused on the most desirable outcome that adds real value for your business and customers. What are my gains and what is the quickest way to reach these with as little resources as possible?

Using a proven methodology we will:

  •  Help you leverage your Salesforce cloud to maximise results
  •  Provide a clear documented step-by-step approach
  •  Save you 30% on your average project cost


Using a no-nonsense step-by-step approach, our Scalefactory experts have the required skills & expertise to understand your business requirements and deliver real, tangible results after the first week of the project.

Scalefactory expertise consists of:

  • Connect your entire workflow to deliver intelligent and productive onsite services
  • Deliver and build better personalised customer journeys
  • Connect & automate any app, data or business process whether in the cloud or


Every project’s success is measured by its results. Deploying the project is not a KPI, real results are. Having a real, genuine partner by your side that keeps a close eye on customer oriented results is key to success.

Our consultants will:

  • Provide knowledge transfer to all key personnel
  •  Take a proactive approach towards feedback after go live
  •  Do a thorough follow-up after 6 months

Our team has over 15 years of experience handling Salesforce projects.
Thanks to our mixed onsite/offsite approach we guarantee you a lower cost of development.
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