Salesforce business cases

As a silver Salesforce partner, Scalefactory delivered over 100 projects in manufacturing, high tech and logistics

Scalefactory Our Vision

“When you see your overhead expanding and your margins decline… it is time to take action!”

Scalefactory assisted Z-CARD® going through a business transformation process, using the full potential of Salesforce.

septentrio user case Salesforce

“We grew our customer service operation to a level where we strongly needed to reduce manual handling.”

High tech company Septentrio automated their customer service workflow to reduce time wasted and optimise their knowledge center.

Libert Paints case

“We felt the need to automate in order to reflect our very same high-quality level in our sales game.”

Libert Paints wanted to evaluate how much effort of their salespeople actually resulted in sales and improve their overall business game.

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